We live in a world of data-driven, digital marketing.

Let's figure out how to use it to your advantage

What is „Growth Marketing“?

Growth marketing is the implementation of a continuous optimization process over the complete digital funnel. We use various marketing concepts across the different areas of digital marketing, here’s a list that covers a part:

  • Social Media Marketing: strategy, content-production, reporting,
  • Landing Page – development and optimization
  • AdBuying (z.B. SEM, PPC.): Setup and management of ad accounts, both for display and search.
  • Conversion optimization: optimizing copy, implementing reports, UI/UX improvements
  • Website, app & connector development
  • Content marketing: Writing SEO-optimized texts, optimization of existing articles, publishing articles in other mediums, creating images
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEOP)
  • E-Mail marketing
  • Outreach marketing through e-mails or social media
  • Press work
  • Content production
  • Event marketing and organization
  • and more…

Growth Marketing with Digital Ideas

Digital Ideas was founded 2009 by Matteo Savio, after he started 1998 as a web developer. Soon he learned that marketing is an integral part of most web developement projects. After learning the Growth Marketing tactics he was able to drive rapid growth for his clients. Since 2009 we are serving clients  primarily in the USA, Germany and Austria.

The continous optimization process

At the “growth marketing” framework we work with exisiting assets and implement concepts that promise a performance improvement.
In the beginning we define the goal: What needs to be achieved, how does your company measure success? What assets exist, how can we measure critical KPI’s. Usually we formulate that in OKR’s (Objectives and Key Results)
Then we start the continous optimization process:


Development of Concepts & Prioritization

Based on your the OKRs we brainstorm and develop marketing strategies. A lot of knowledge usually lies within our clients, sometimes in unexpected areas. Of course our extensive knowledge here at Digital Ideas will be very useful 😉
The priorization then is a key element of the framework. It’s purpuse is to merge all knowledge, expectations and get a solid understanding of the strategy.


Implementation & test

The prioritized concepts are then implemented. Based on the previous brainstorming we know exactly what we can measure and what data we can compare it to.
Of course we test the strategy within (A/B tests) or against existing data. It is important to always stay on top of the results.


Analysis & rollout

Once the sprint is over, we analyze and discuss the results together. That way learnings can be made through which allow improvements of the overall strategies in the next sprints.
If the data looks promising, the implementation is rolled out, otherwise discarded.


Our services:

  • Growth strategy consulting
  • Project management
  • Web architecture
  • Web-development based on the LAMP-stack
  • Bot development
  • Data analysis
  • Web design
  • (Simple) photography and video production
  • Graphic & content production for Social Media (German, limited English)

All prices excl. VAT.
For EU companies with a valid VAT identification number reverse charge applies, and no VAT is billed.
For US companies no VAT is billed.

Hourly contract: €160/hr, monthly billing for the hours of the previous month.

Finden wir bei einer kostenlosen Growth-Beratung heraus, welche Möglichkeiten Ihnen offen stehen!

Matteo Savio, BSc.

Digital Strategist
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