Web Development hourly

Web development – per hour

Our hourly plans can be used for any of the services we offer:

  • Web architecture
  • Web development (frontend/backend) based on LAMP stack, including the frameworks and CMSs: WordPress, Symfony2, Magento and TYPO3
  • Web design
  • Project management

Billing cycle can be either 1st to the last of the month or 16th to the 15. of the month.

Billing at the end of the billing cycle

  • €110,00/hr excl. VAT


If you pre-pay us for a fixed amount of hours every month we can give a significant discount:

  • Starting 1h/month: -10%: 99/hr excl. VAT
  • Starting 30hrs/month: -20%: €88/hr excl. VAT
  • Starting 60hrs/month: -20%: €77/hr excl. VAT

The contract can be of any number of hours, and be adapted by a 2 weeks notice.


What happens if I need less hours in the current month?

All unused hours of a month will be taken over to the next month. No hours expire.

What happens if I need more hours in the current month?

We can go 10% over the fixed amount, if you need more hours we will add them to the following invoice.

What if I want to cancel or change the plan?

Cancelling or changing the plan is possible with a 2week notice. If you send your request up to 14days before the next invoice we will change it accordingly, if you make in the 14days preceeding the invoice we will change the invoice following the next one.