The Story

In years of sales funnel development we experienced all problems first-hand. That’s why we developed Dynamic Funnels, a sales funnel backend, with 3 goals in mind:
  • Great data! The funnels gives you the data you need to react to the market. Business needs great data to operate.
  • Easy setup of funnels and split tests. You have to react quick in the world we live in.
  • Bring costs of tech and support down through automation.
Dynamic Funnels is a templated funnel solution, which acts as interface for:
  • Your tech team
  • Your marketing team
  • Your support team
You can set up any custom funnel in there, currently we have the following page types:
  • Landing pages
  • VSLs
  • Order pages
  • Upsell pages
  • Thankyou Pages
The design of each of those pages is up to you. We provide standard templates and can extend it to your existing and new templates.


  • Managing your funnels throughout different domains in one backend
  • Setting up split tests within those funnels
  • Analysing the various actions a user can take by split test variation, affiliate and UTM tags
  • UTM tracking
  • Managing your orders and subscriptions


  • Tracking: No separate tracking solution necessary. Just direct the ad links to the landers without extra redirect. Example: Send the Facebook campaign X to
  • Speed: The pages are being optimized server-sided. Which means: high speed while the developers have an easy-to-maintain code. The goal of every page: be faster than 85% of the web according to Pingdom.
  • Templates: We can integrate any template you want. Give us your ready-to-go HTML or let our developers implement it based on a .psd.
  • Membership Sites: Tight integration into Membership sites. Content will be accessible, only when the billing was successful.
  • Delivery: Send your products directly to your customers. The monthly successful billing triggers the delivery.


Our development team can integrate the funnel into any system you use. Here are some we currently support:
  • E-Mail: Maropost, ajabiz, GetResponse
  • Payment: Stripe, LimeLight
  • Membership: WooCommerce + WooCommerce Memberships
  • ERP: Microsoft Dynamics


  • Backend, Database structure 100%
  • Payment processor: Stripe 100%
  • Payment processor: LimeLight 100%
  • Connection with WooCommerce Membership 100%
  • Basic pages: Lander, VSL, Order, Upsell, Thankyou 100%
  • Default Templates for all pages 100%
  • VSL split tests 80%
  • Vouchers: both you and the person you referred get 50% off ther next/first bill 10%
  • Split tests on every page type 20%
  • Automatically ask for new credit card details in case billing fails or CC is past expiry date 0%
  • Connection with MemberMouse 0%


Monthly costs

1,8% of the after-tax revenue made through Dynamic Funnels, but a minimum of US$97/month. Additional VAT/USt. applies for clients in Austria, and EU-clients without an UID.

This price includes:

  • Hosting with an high uptime (>= 99,9% in the past) and high scalability
  • Dynamic Funnel development based on the roadmap we create with our clients
  • Support between 9am and 5pm EST.
  • Integration of HTML templates coded to our standards within 3-5 business days (limitations on the number of templates may apply in the future)
  • Integration of the systems in all popular CRMs, payment providers, membership and delivery software and maintainance of those connectors. Connections only to systems that provide a Web-API.
  • Invitation to our Growth Hacking meetings and strategy discussions between Dynamic Funnels users.
  • All necessary development to keep your system up and running
  • 24/7 emergency support (in case of downtimes or issues that prevent selling processes)

Custom developments

US$97/hr for:

  • Integration of custom templates that are not based on our standards (can be delivered in any format, including .psd).
  • Adapting the software to individual needs
  • Adapting the software outside the roadmap

A discount of 15% applies if we want to take over that specific development into the core product and you agree with that.

Extended service

In some cases we can offer an extended service, which includes ad buying, website development, and much more for 5% to 15% of the revenue.